Saturday, December 29, 2007

Marvels Cavern

Did you know that there was a cave at Silver Dollar City?? I didn't! Well, as the story goes... the Cave obviously was there first! It used to be the only attraction! People came from all over to go to this cave, the lines would be so long and People would get bored while waiting so slowly the owner of the cave built gift shops and then rides so the people would have something to do instead of just waiting in a line!! Now people go to Silver Dollar City to enjoy the rides and shopping and most people don't even know the cave is there! I thought this was very interesting! Our family had to go the last day the park was opened which happened to be the coldest day! They did a tree lighting and had a Christmas parade! After we watched this we decided to brave the cave! They do a lantern tour where they give you a lantern and thats all the light in the cave, then they do an All lights on tour, where there are lights on all through the cave, which we did since we had the kids. It was quite interesting! There were water falls with high calcium and lime, you could see the lime and calcium buildup all through out the cave! Back in the day they mined this cave for bat feces! to make your leading mascaras!! Bats still live in the cave but we didn't see any, there were many places in the cave, small spaces, huge spaces, wet places, and dry places! We had to walk a ton of stairs down into the cave, we then went up and down throughout until we reached the end where they had a trolley take us back up top!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007

Nothing seemed to top last year!! We went all out and spent a lot of money! This year we were poor so we tried not to spend as much! But like always! It was better than the last year and just being with family would have made it the Best!! Ryann got Bratz, books, and much more! Seiler got TRANSFORMERS!!!

Josh got new church shirts, socks, and something special!! ( I wrapped his gift card in a Victoria Secret box)

The kids had to help Papa open all his presents and Mimi got RED measuring spoons and cups!

I got a new RED Coach wallet and a RED Coach day planner to match! I also got an amazing isle for my art studio! and Chueca got a soft box that you put all her toys in and she has to dig them out!! She loves it!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas Dinner Party!

I had A Dinner Party! It was a
Blast! And so fun to decorate for!
Mom and Brittany practically
made most of the food and I
decorated! I invited five young
married couples and Brittany
and Brandon! Josh and dad had
to bring Brittany's dinning table
over so we could add it onto
moms to accommodate 14 people!
Everyone came over and the guys
went done stairs, the girls help
finish with the food! that was fun
in and of itself! Shortly enough we
invited the guys up and we ate! We
had honey glazed ham, smoked turkey,
nutmeg sweetened carrots, cinnamon
sweet potatoes, green beans,
asparagus, garlic sac loped potatoes,
home made sweet rolls, pumpkin
pie, snowflake sugar cookies, cranberry
apple cider, eggnog and much more!
Yummy! Then when everyone was
stuffed we went down stairs to play
Guesstures, then Celestial Companions(basically the LDS version of the newlywed game), and we did a white elephant
gift! It was more fun than I could have imaged! Everyone had fun, they were good sports, we laughed, and joked all night til I finally had to kick everyone out!!! Definitely a Party Success!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Chuecas new shoes!

The weather keeps getting bad and the yard is muddy! But Chueca still has to go outside to go potty! She hates getting dirty plus Mimi isn't to happy when her floors get muddy. So, we got her some snazzy new boots!! she wasn't to sure about them at first... mom, Brittany, and I nearly peed our pants when we watched her take her first steps in them... I think she could tell we were laughing at her because she wouldn't walk in them a lot when we tried to tape her. But, you can still get the idea! She reminds me of the episode of Friends when Phoebe and Rachel were going to start running in the park together and Rachel was embarrassed to run with her because she ran funny like Chueca! lol!! Some say she looks like she's ice skating!!