Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Republic's Night at the Cardinal's Game

The City of Republic bought a bunch of tickets to the Tuesday night Game and so Dad got some for the whole family! We all had matching orange shirts! We all had tons of fun! Papa and uncle Josh spoiled the kids rotten... buying them cotton candy, frozen strawberry limeades, foam fingers and anything they asked for! Joy was in the air as the Cardinals won the game... killing the other team 14-4!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Shower For Corrine

Brittany hosted a Bridal Shower for Corrine on Sat. July 28 at Aunt Evelyn's house. It was a hot but beautiful day! Brittany made the cake and I decorated it! It turned out beautiful much to our surprise! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves... eating, carrying on conversations, and listening to stories from the bride! She got lots of stuff from towels to bedding, pictures, and more. Opening presents was very entertaining lots of laughter between sister's. I guess we really do have a lot of inside jokes... other's didn't understand but laughed anyway or maybe they just thought we were nuts!! We missed you Ashley!

Ryann and T-ball

Ryann was on a T-ball team! I didn't have a chance to go see her til the last game. She is quite the athlete! she has so much fun and is multi talented when it comes to sports. She is good at them all.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Not another Singles Ward Activity

We went out to the Wilkins' Ranch for a Luau! They roasted a pig and grilled shishkabobs, played games, then had a talent show! it was actually pretty fun! Corrine and Kristofer just got into town a few hours before, so they went with! Mom and Dad were there too! We all went down to the swing set and relived our childhood days! After the talent show they introduced some new games. When they started randomly selecting people to unwillingly volunteer we figured that was our key to go! We then hurried into town to get some Pineapple Whip before they closed!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Kitty’s hospital visit

Caleb is now 15 and getting so sick! We took him to the Vet and they say he has a kidney failure... and is over dehydrated so they hooked him up to an IV and gave us some meds. He has been doing so well... He is eating again and we see him more! Doctor says he could live another 5 years!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Broadway’s The Lion King

Oh wow! Broadway's The Lion King came to St. Louis so my wonderful boyfriend sprung for some tickets... we took my mom and niece too! it was AMAZING! The costumes, the singing, and the choreographies were so well done... everyone should go and experience it for themselves!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Relief Society

A lady who is originally from Germany came to give us some great tips on using organic herbs and foods on our faces! We had so much fun! Everyone was surprised that mom and I participated! But it was actually really relaxing and my face was so soft afterwards! First we did the oatmeal scrub and mask… then a cantaloupe stringent! Be sure to try them out for yourselves:

1 part Oatmeal

1 part Distilled Water

1 part Cucumbers or Cantaloupe

1 part Yogurt

1 part Witch Hazel

1 part Grapefruit

I Love a Hard Working Man

Josh and Dad make such a great team! Mom and I have never seen them happier than when they’ve been working together all day! Dad got a big contract with Taney County to put in all there guardrail! Dad asked Josh if he would help! Of course he accepted they are like two peas in a pod! I’ve never seen two guys who like to work as long and hard as these two… and enjoy it all at the same time!! Mom and I two lucky women to have such great guys in our lives!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Day at Table Rock Lake

We go to the Lake every summer at least 3-4 times but we really haven't had much time this year. So we decided we were just going to do it! We got the family and just went… it was such a blast… we even took the dog!! It was Chueca's first time on a boat, on the lake, and near the water... She loved it!! She loves sticking her head out the car window… Can you image how she enjoyed the open air... she was in heaven... going from the front of the boat to back over and over again. Josh put her in the water, her first time to swim... she smelt like dead fish afterwards but being a black dog in the middle of the lake on a hot day... it felt so good to get wet I'm sure!! The kids enjoyed being pulled in tubes and taking turns on the wave runners with their dads and Uncle Josh! Papa even got on the wave runner for the first time!! At the end of the day Josh grilled hamburgers and ribs... yum yum!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fourth of July '07

The Fourth wasn't preplanned but the day filled up fast... First breakfast at Bishop Jarvis' house as a Singles Ward activity, then off to Marshfield for the Parade! It past right in front of Josh’s dad’s house so we sat on his porch along with some friends! Afterwards we walked down to the square were the festival was going on. Next we went to Josh's brother Jared's house to buy fireworks. We ended our day by going to Brittany and Brandon’s to watch the boys shoot off quite a show! James, Jennifer, and Jessica came over to join us! Seiler was outside without shoes on... he stepped on a spunk and
burnt his foot. He was such a sport though!