Saturday, June 30, 2007

Corrine’s bridals

My sister is getting married??!!! Mom, Brittany, and I all went out to Utah to join in the excitement!! It was a scorching hot day! And a long one at that! We went someplace in Utah by this river walk… so pretty… but there was no escaping the heat! It was well worth it though! She is such a beautiful Bride!! But can be quite the Bridzilla at times! Shhhh… Gotta love her!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Candle light dinner with Josh

Josh asked if I would spend the day with him… and I couldn’t know what was on the agenda. I was thrilled at the adventure! He told me what to wear and what to take along. He picked me up around 1:00pm in his Mustang Convertible! We headed south toward Branson… and ended up at the Lake! He had rented a Wave Runner; we were out for four hours… racing around in the hot sun… stopping a few times to jump in and cool off! We had a lot of fun… surprisingly this was my first time to the lake this summer! Anyway… We made it back it to town just as it got dark! But to my surprise there was more to come. We stopped by Josh’s house to get his truck… then through the woods down by a spring, on some property Josh’s friend owns, were two chairs, a table, and a basket waiting there!! He took a few minutes to set it up and we had a romantic dinner for two!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Daddy’s b-day

Daddy turned 51! We surprised him with a cake and some stuff for his truck… including a gift certificate to get a bed liner put in his truck!!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

St. Louis Arch and Museum

After The Sealing we went to explore St. Louis! Ashley, Brittany, Corrine, Kristofer, Lee, Mom, and I all went to see the Arch... even up to the very top. We were all surprised to find out we had to ride in these really small egg looking elevators... for a 10 min trip to the top, and there wasn't any air conditioning. It was not the best experience but we can say we've done it! It was hot and there were too many people crammed in a tight spot! We stayed up there long enough to get some pictures and that was enough! The kids loved it we hope! There was a lot of Missouri's history in the museum, which was very educational for us all.

Ryann’s sealing

Wow how does one describe this day?!?! It was long awaited for… and the start of a new beginning. My niece Ryann is like a little sister I never wanted but always loved! I love her more than words could say. She has been such an amazing part of my life and I could imagine it without her. Going into the next life without her would be tragic, so this day the day she was sealed to our family for time and all eternity was thus far the BEST day of my life!!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Curling Princess Ryann’s hair!

Brittany asked if I would do Ryann’s hair for their special day at the Temple. I decided I would role it the night before so it wouldn’t take so long in the morning… She was totally into it can’t you tell. She actually complained the whole time, mostly because she was so tired. Gotta love her!