Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kinzley updates

For those of you who we don't see often, Kinzley has been doing a lot of growing! She is now crawling crazy fast and walking along anything she can hold onto! She says "MAMA", "DADA", and loves to say "NANA" while shaking her head no!! She eats anything and everything including sharing pizza with daddy! She loves to dance (bounce) to music! Finally she loves to cuddle!!! she has never cuddled since day one :( until now!! she loves kids especially Seiler!! She loves going outside and sometimes cries when going inside!! she smiles and laughs all day!!! She sleeps 12+ hrs a night and takes 2 1-2hrs naps during the day! She loves her crib which makes naps and bed time super easy... Best of all she is truly a blessing to have and be around!! We love her and wouldn't change a thing!!


As every one has well informed me.... I haven't blogged in like 7 months... I know i know!!! I'm going to just start from now and try to keep up this time!! i will also update some older stuff mostly for record purposes but fill free to browse through and comment on it all!!